Sip Your Way Into Relax Mode

Cup of coffee with coffee bean on the table

We believe that coffee is more than a drink. It is a lifestyle, a mindset, and best of all, your favorite feeling.

At Relax Mode Coffee, we aim to delight you upon every sip of that cuppa joe.

We hope to transport you into relaxation; ready to savor the fresh feeling that comes only with the communion of a perfect roast in its most flavorful aroma.

Sip and enjoy one of the finest flavors of coffee beans from around the world. Our coffee beans are harvested from the most exotic farms around the world, spanning across Asia (Indonesia), Africa, Central and South America.

A multitude of beverage options await you at Relax Mode Coffee

From the freshest and finest coffee beans, each with its own unique story to tell, one definitely worth-sipping and sharing away

  • Go with the fine blend of 6 beans from around the world. Our 6 Bean Espresso is a blend of beans from Central America, South America, and Africa, relished with organic Robusta, giving your coffee its fullest flavor and your espresso its greatest potential in every cup

  • Can’t decide if you’re feeling light or heavy? Our Cowboy Blend is made especially for those days. A specialty grade coffee, with the sweetness of medium roast and the richness of dark roast, this exquisite blend has the power to put you in a great mood

  • If organic coffee is what you crave, our Mexico Bueno that’s been sourced and sundried from Chipias and Oaxaca comes with its herbal nuance, designed to make every coffee drink taste healthier than most

  • Another organic grade coffee that’s suitable for your morning grind is our Bali Blue. Handpicked, wet-hulled, and dried on raised beds by farmers from Kintamani, this best-selling Indonesian coffee will whisk you to a fresh start feeling set and ready for anything

  • Savor the sweetness of smooth and natural flavored coffee. Our specialty grade single origin coffee that’s roasted in batches to a smooth medium comes in flavors Mocha, Caramel, and Chocolate Hazelnut medium roast. Use it as a base for your blended drinks or enjoy its all natural flavor on its own

  • Love coffee but not caffeine? Then our Decaf Espresso and Peru Decaf can be made to order for you. Both are decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process, to deliver a rich and either balanced or bold Peru blend without the caffeine

  • Lighten up your day with our crowd-favorite Cold Brew. Try it for a smooth chocolatey organic blend that comes with its sweet, floral aroma!

A wealth of caffeine (or decaffeinated) choices are offered to you at Relax Mode Coffee from Single Origin Coffee, Flavored Coffee, Blended Coffee, Organic Coffee, and blended Decaf. 

Every single pack of Relax Mode Coffee is perfectly roasted and made-to-order every day. Wait for them to arrive at your doorstep, at the peak of flavor, awaiting to brew tasteful cups of delectable moments for you to sip and savor. 

Better yet, enjoy it with great company as there’s no better feeling than sharing that perfect sip of great coffee with your special ones.

Share that signature feeling away.

Share a moment of Relax Mode Coffee with us.