What Is Your Favorite Coffee Flavor?

Different types of coffee product.

Choosing your coffee can be an overwhelming task.

Here’s our quick guide into choosing your coffee, depending on your brew method and the style of coffee you are looking for.

☕️Caramel- The all natural sweet buttery caramel flavor on this medium roasted coffee is fantastic alone or as the base for your blended drinks.

☕️Espresso- Swiss Water processed decaffeinated blend means you’ll only taste a rich and bold premium coffee, no caffeine.

☕️ Bali Blue- Taste this best selling Indonesian coffee that’s perfect for your morning grind; handpicked, wet-hulled and dried on raised beds by farmers from Kintamani.

☕️ Cold Brew- A customer-favorite medium roast organic blend to lighten up your day with its floral aromatics. Great for cold brew or nitro.

☕️ Hazel Nut- This coffee has a rich chocolate decadence gently blended with smooth nutty flavors, infused into a specialty grade arabica bean.

☕️ Mocha- This all natural flavored coffee has a rich chocolate decadence gently infused into a medium roast specialty grade arabica bean.

With different flavors to choose from always pick coffee beans based on your preferred taste.

There are some coffee lovers who want their first cup of coffeee to have a consistent delicious taste. Selecting the best coffee beans requires attention to details and a good knowledge of what you want.

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