What Your Favorite Coffee Says About You

Grind coffee along with coffee bean on the table

It’s one thing to love coffee, but it’s an entirely different thing to love one particular type of coffee beverage.

Being the third most popular caffeinated beverage in the world, coffee is widely available around the globe, and may even be considered as one of the most versatile drinks. Coffee can either be enjoyed hot or cold or in as many caffeinated styles and flavors as the shades of the color wheel.

But who would ever think that one’s favorite coffee drink is so much more than that? It turns out that a person’s go-to caffeinated beverage is likewise telling about his or her personality.

Are you a coffee drinker with a very specific go-to type of cuppa? 

Discover what your favorite coffee says about you now. Better yet, get to know that coffee lover next to you - even better!

Black Coffee

If the dark, unsweetened cup of coffee is your go-to caffeine fix, you’re likely to be as simple, classic, and no-nonsense as your preferred cup of joe. Black coffee drinkers are often the old school, reserved types of people who are set in their ways and value efficiency.


Just as a shot of espresso can keep you up and running at a hundred miles a minute, espresso drinkers tend to be fast, straightforward, and natural leaders. Espresso shots are less about the taste of coffee, and more about the jolt it fuels a person’s body, which makes espresso loyalists likely to be stressed out folks.

Iced Coffee

Regular coffee served with ice and some oat milk, soy milk, or almond milk, is a typical go-to drink for caffeine lovers who are not afraid to try on something new. Whether it is a coffee shop or a new trend, iced coffee lovers are self-confident enough to taste a new adventure.


Made with espresso and water, Americano can be served hot or iced. If this is your signature drink, it reveals a certain level of sophistication about you. Cafe Americano loyalists are likely coffee connoisseurs who know the ins and outs of making that perfect cup.


The soft peaks of foamed milk on top of your coffee feels like a soft pillow that offers a cushion from the harsh realities of life. Just like how your go-to drink offers the comfort and coziness of the familiar, you prefer things that make you feel safe. Latte lovers can be very laid back.


Macchiato drinkers are often predictable and tend to be quite serious. Being a loyal macchiato drinker doesn’t mean that you are boring, it just means you’re stable. And why keep exploring other flavors when you’ve found something royally classic?

Cold Brew

Cold-brew drinkers tend to be self-confident, adventurous, fun, and are not afraid to experiment. This cool, refreshing drink is one that unique trendsetters swear by.


Out of all the caffeinated options you have, going caffeine-less is a huge statement. It means you like being in control, especially of your health. Decaf drinkers can be very relaxed and don’t necessarily need the high that comes from a caffeine jolt.


When you mix chocolate and coffee in a mug, good vibes is the flavor you’ll get. Just like the pleasant warmth of a cup of mocha, mocha lovers can be warm, sensitive types, and are liked by many people.


Cappuccino drinkers are likely very warm, relaxed, and friendly. There’s a touch of sophistication and style that’s noticeable about dreamers like you, even if you likely haven’t noticed the foam that’s kissed your nose from your favorite drink. 

Did this reveal something about you? Or have you discovered something new about your favorite coffee drinker? 

Now talk this out with someone with whom you’ll share your next cup of brew!